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True Dual Adjustability

The Personal Comfort is truly the Perfect Bed for Couples. Compare Personal Comfort to Sleep Number. Both Sleep Number and Personal Comfort use separate air chambers to create a dual-adjustable sleep surface—which means each sleeper can adjust their side of the mattress to their own personal comfort zone.

On some models, Sleep Number zips the two air chambers together to keep them from shifting apart. This means the air chambers aren’t truly independent, and any motion on one side can be transferred to the other.

On our A4 mattress and up, we keep the air chambers together by containing them inside a fabric-reinforced foam enclosure. The chambers maintain their independence, but they can’t move apart. That’s true personal comfort.


Two Remotes

With all due respect to Sleep Number, including one remote for two people doesn’t sound like a recipe for bedtime harmony. That’s why all of our dual-sided mattresses come with two remotes. It’s your personal comfort zone. You should own it.

Reversible Top Cover

All Personal Comfort mattresses, from the A5 model and up, feature a patented reversible top cover with a finished sleeping surface on each side (and sometimes a different surface on each side, depending on the model). This gives you more sleeping options and can extend the lifespan of that critical top comfort layer. Sleep Number doesn’t offer this.

Reversible cover

A Tale of Two Zippers

This is the top-panel zipper on Sleep Number’s i8 mattress.

It’s not a terrible zipper, but in our opinion it’s hardly a great one. It’s the sort of zipper you use when you’re mass-producing your mattress, you’re looking to control costs, and “good enough” is good enough.

Photograph of a Sleep Number zipper
Photograph of a Personal Comfort zipper

This is the top-panel zipper on Personal Comfort’s A8 mattress.

As you can see, it’s a large-tooth molded zipper. A beefier, multi-purpose zipper. It’s the sort of zipper you put on a mattress when 40 years of family pride are on the line, and nothing is ever “good enough.”

You can learn a lot from a zipper.


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Designed for Forever

Virtually every component of a Personal Comfort mattress is upgradeable, swappable and replaceable. And it actually starts with that zipper.

An exploded view of a Personal Comfort A8 Mattress

Our zippers are sewn into the mattress with a precision Sleep Number doesn’t bother with. It costs us more, but it changes everything. It means every zipper on every one of our mattress components lines up perfectly with every other—and that means all of our mattress components are interchangeable across our entire product line.

So if your dog digs through your A8 mattress top cover (it happens), just order a new top cover. It’ll zip on as smoothly as the original. With Sleep Number’s i8, you’d have to buy the top cover plus all the pieces it zips into—and that can cost more than a thousand dollars.

Or say you want to upgrade your A4 mattress cover to the A8’s reversible cover (with silky bamboo on one side and cooling aloe vera on the other). Just order the new cover and zip it on.

In fact, you can completely transform your 10” A4 mattress into a 13” A8 mattress, simply by zipping on a taller center panel, adding extra comfort layers and zipping on a new top panel.

So any mattress you buy from Personal Comfort can be made good as new—or upgraded to another mattress model—at any time, forever. That’s why we say Personal Comfort may be the last mattress you’ll ever buy.


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Air-Control System

Both Sleep Number and Personal Comfort use high-quality, reliable air-control systems—but ours has a few features that set it apart.


We use steel-coil-reinforced air hoses on all our mattress models. It means our hoses are difficult to kink or accidentally crush under a bed leg.

Steel Reinforced air hose


Check valves


Unlike Sleep Number, we have “check valves” on the end of our hoses exiting the mattress system. (That’s a tech-y way of saying you can disconnect the hoses from the pump without letting all the air out of your mattress.)



Our air-control unit uses dependable Bluetooth technology, not only to connect to our adjustable firmness mattress, but to our Personal Comfort Flex adjustable bases and our sleep tracker as well.

iOS App on an iPhone


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High Quality Materials & Construction

Rest-assured that the same attention to detail and quality found in our zippers is found throughout our mattresses. Some examples:

Certified Memory Foam


We use only polyurethane foam that’s been approved by the independent CertiPur-US® certification program. That means it’s made without harmful ingredients (e.g., formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates) and doesn’t give off harmful emissions.

Click Here to find Personal Comfort on CertiPur-US®'s website.

Wrapped Foam Rails


In most of our mattress models, we fabric-wrap the foam rails that surround the air chambers, allowing them to be locked together in a simple but effective way. It adds a manufacturing step, but it simplifies the setup of your bed, and—more important—it means the air chambers can move independently of each other. Why is that a big deal? Read on.

40 years of innovation

40-Years of Innovation

With over 40-years of innovation, the Personal Comfort® mattress is designed in the U.S.A. and manufactured by the producers of the Original Number Bed®, American National Manufacturing. As a leader in the mattress industry, we combine the highest quality materials with state-of-the-art technology.

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Free Shipping

Shipping is always free on Personal Comfort mattresses. Sleep Number often charges you for it.

What’s more, if you need to send back a mattress during your 120–night trial, we pay return shipping, too (on all mattresses except our Classic Series). That’s why we call it a true “risk-free” trial.

Check Mark

Better Warranty

Personal Comfort offers a 25-year limited warranty—with three years of full coverage compared to Sleep Number’s 15-year with only 1-year full coverage.

All at a Much Lower Price

All Personal Comfort mattresses are built by our sister company and sold direct to you. We don’t have a lot of overhead to pass costs along to our customers, unlike Sleep Number. That’s how we can afford to build the best mattress we know how to make, and still sell it to you for far less than Sleep Number in most cases.

Personal Comfort truly is a better number bed at a better price. Thank you for considering us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to
call us at 1-888-369-2801.

Personal Comfort Logo

Personal Comfort vs. Sleep Number

Our Difference at a Glance

Sleep Number® makes a nice number bed. We think ours is better—and it’s certainly a better value. See what you think.



True Dual Adjustability


Air chambers are completely independent, not zipped together.


Zippers are used, down the middle, to hold air chambers together

40-Years of Innovation


The Personal Comfort mattress is manufactured by the producers of the Original Number Bed®, American National Manufacturing (Est. 1972).


Select Comfort introduced "Sleep Number" in 1997, 23-years ago

# of Comfort Levels


Based on a standard medical pressure scale.


Based on their own pressure scale.

Upgradeable and Replaceable by Design


All parts and comfort layers of the bed can be replaced or upgraded. (Ex: A4 can be upgraded to an A10)


(Ex: the c4 cannot be upgraded to the i10)

Real-Time Pressure Monitoring


Monitoring works in flat and elevated positions.


Sleep Number's Responsive Air Technology will not work in an elevated position. Your bed must remain flat (as stated on Sleep Number's user guide).

Upper and Lower Body Massage


Personal Comfort Power-Flex 3 and 4 models come with massage.


Reversible Top Cover


Gives you more options and longer life (A5 and up).


2 Remotes


2 remotes included at no additional charge.


Additional charge for 2nd remote.

Steel-Reinforced Hoses


Won't kink or crush.


Lock-Tight Fabric-Reinforced Encasement


Keeps dual air chambers aligned and mattress sides from bowing (A4 and up).


25-Year Limited Warranty


With 3 years full replacement.


Only 15-years and 1-year full replacement.

Free Shipping


Ships factory-direct.


Not always free.

Free Returns


All models except Classic Series.


Best Number Bed Value


Up to 60% less than Sleep Number Adjustable System


*comparison based on product availability and features as of 1/1/21