Signs & Symptoms Of Sleeping On A Poor Mattress

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A large portion of your life is spent sleeping on your mattress during the night, resting and recharging for another long day in the sunshine. It’s only natural, in your pursuit of healthy sleep, to search for the best mattress possible — one that will leave you refreshed every single morning. Mattress Lux  in Georgia understands how critical it is to sleep on a mattress that is of high quality and is conducive to a healthy overall lifestyle; with over a decade of experience working in this industry, our highly-trained sales team is passionate about helping you find the perfect luxury mattress for comfortable sleep.

If you’ve noticed a sudden loss of healthy sleep, or are having a hard time getting through the day, our mattress store near Kennesaw is the ideal place to find a long-term solution. If you regularly experience neck pain from sleeping or back pain from your mattress, it’s time to find a new one with the help of our team. But if any of the following subtle signs and symptoms describe your situation,  schedule an appointment with GA Mattress Brokers and take control of your sleep!

You Consistently Wake Up Tired

It’s common for everyone to have a night devoid of healthy sleep every once in a while. However, regularly waking up and feeling as though you’ve been awake all night is never a good sign. The experts at our mattress store near Kennesaw are passionate about helping our clients understand how to induce healthy sleep and what to look for in a mattress to suit their needs. If you don’t feel any significant neck pain from sleeping or back pain from your mattress, but still feel as though you have gotten no sleep at all, it’s time to reach out to our team. We understand how a high-quality bed can truly change your life!

You Can’t Fall Asleep

Have you ever tossed and turned after crawling into bed, unable to truly fall asleep? While other factors can play into this — such as the temperature of the room — it all truly comes back to your mattress. While you may not have back pain from your mattress, the inability to properly fall asleep can be a sign of a poor, outdated mattress. The overall construction and materials of a mattress are key to inducing healthy sleep, which is something our Mattress Lux staff knows quite well. Our mission is to make shopping for this essential bedroom asset as approachable as possible, by asking detailed questions about what you’re looking for and what your sleeping experience is like on your current mattress. From there, we can help match you to a mattress that will have you falling asleep in no time!

You’re Constantly Sneezing or Have Allergy-Like Symptoms 

During allergy season, it's common for you to be sniffling, experience post-nasal drip, or have a scratchy throat. Depending on the time of year, it’s not a large concern to have these symptoms while sleeping on your current mattress. However, if these symptoms persist even after allergy season, or while you’re taking effective allergy medication, you can be sure your bed has seen better days. Our Mattress Lux experienced sales team understands how allergies can be a huge deterrent to healthy sleep and can leave you feeling worse for wear in the morning. Dust mites can gather on your current mattress and cause a scratchy throat or runny nose, all of which can be cured with the help of a brand new high-quality mattress from our GA Mattress Brokers mattress store near Kennesaw.

Your Hear Squeaks or Creaks

You may not notice any neck pain from sleeping or back pain from your mattress, but you can certainly hear when your mattress is poor and needs to be replaced. When climbing in and out of bed you notice any squeaks or creaks, it can mean the interior structure of your mattress is compromised and is slowly becoming lumpy and uneven. Avoid any sagging and ensure you always get healthy sleep with a luxury brand-name mattress from GA Mattress Brokers! Not only does our team have experience designing and building mattresses, but we're entirely focused on helping our clients find the right selection for them. 

Get Healthy Sleep Every Night with GA Mattress Brokers

Our mattress store near Kennesaw is ready to answer your questions and help you identify signs of sleeping on an outdated mattress. Our brick-and-mortar store understands how critical it is to find relief from neck pain while sleeping, back pain from your mattress, and similar symptoms. Schedule an appointment with our team or visit our store in person now!

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