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RV / Camper Mattresses

Welcome! If you're unwilling to compromise on a good night of sleep while camping in your RV/Camper you've come to the right place!

At Mattress Lux, rather than making a secondary, lesser line of mattresses that is inferior to our other luxury mattresses, we work with our manufacturers so that many of our favorite mattresses that make for incredible sleep for our customers at home every night, can also be made to fit your traveling needs

So don't compromise just because you left home! Just call us and give us the dimensions you are looking for and we can give you options on mattresses that could give you amazing sleep!

And just like with our every-night mattresses, we will teach you what to feel for to be sure that the mattress you select gives you the proper spinal support and pressure relief so you wake up feeling refreshed. Don't let your hate for your mattress keep you from your travels, let one of our sleep experts help you navigate this whole mattress shopping headache!

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Enjoy a Restful Night's Sleep with RV Mattresses from Mattress Lux!

When it comes to camping comfort, RVs are the way to go, and the key to a good night's sleep is having the right camper mattress. After a day full of outdoor adventures, nothing beats recharging for another day with quality sleep. Elevate your motorhome or travel trailer's sleep experience with Mattress Lux RV mattresses.

Sleep Better in Your RV

RVs offer all the comforts of home while you're on the move. Most RVs come with a mattress in the sleeping area, but you can customize your sleep space by choosing a mattress that suits your needs. Measure your RV's bed frame to find a mattress that fits perfectly. Some RV mattresses have unique dimensions, so a low-profile RV mattress might be necessary if you have limited headspace.

What is an RV Mattress?

An RV mattress is what you find in the sleeping area of your recreational vehicle. However, not all RV mattresses are created equal. They may have different sizes and profiles, so you must measure your RV's bed frame to find the right fit. Some RVs have low ceilings, requiring a lower-profile mattress to fit comfortably.

Choosing the Perfect RV or Camper Mattress

When it comes to RV or Camper mattresses, there are a few things to consider. If you're a traveler, hiker, or exploring warmer climates, pressure relief and temperature regulation are vital. If you share your RV, noise reduction and motion isolation become more important. Each RV has specific requirements, like lower profiles or lighter weights, so make sure to keep those in mind. Most importantly, consider your comfort needs before making a decision.

What Are RV Mattress Sizes?

RV mattresses come in various sizes and may differ from standard mattress sizes. Common sizes include RV Bunk, RV Twin, RV Full, RV Three-Quarter, RV Short Queen, RV Queen, RV Olympic Queen, RV King, and RV California King. Check the measurements of your RV's sleep space before making a purchase.

What Types of Camper Mattresses Are Available?

There are different types of Camper mattresses, such as foam, hybrid, innerspring, latex, and airbeds. Foam mattresses are lightweight and offer pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses combine innerspring support with the comfort of foam or latex. Innerspring mattresses are affordable and lightweight. Latex mattresses are durable and regulate temperature. Airbeds are adjustable for customized firmness.

Last Things to Consider With an RV Mattress

Think about how much time you'll spend in your RV and how important mattress durability is. Investing in a durable mattress is a good idea if you'll be using the RV frequently or for long periods. Consider the number of sleep surfaces you need, whether you want toppers for added comfort, and your comfort preferences when shopping for the best RV mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions about RV / Camper Mattresses

Some RVs can accommodate standard mattresses, but many require specific sizes. Measure your sleep space and ceiling height to find a comfortable mattress.

To improve your sleep experience, consider factors like mattress profile, contouring abilities, temperature regulation, and noise reduction. Investing in a high-quality RV mattress will lead to better travel rest.

To extend the life of your RV mattress, regularly vacuum it to remove dust and dirt. If your mattress has a removable cover, follow the care instructions for washing. Consider using a mattress protector to prevent stains and spills.

Yes, a mattress topper on your RV mattress can provide added comfort and support. Choose a topper that complements your mattress and suits your sleeping preferences.

Yes, many RV mattresses have warranties varying in length and coverage. Check the warranty details before purchasing to understand what is covered and how long.