We believe no one should compromise on quality sleep, EVEN on the road!

RV / Camper Mattresses

Welcome! If you're unwilling to compromise on a good night of sleep while camping in your RV/Camper you've come to the right place!

At Mattress Lux, rather than making a secondary, lesser line of mattresses that is inferior to our other luxury mattresses, we work with our manufacturers so that many of our favorite mattresses that make for incredible sleep for our customers at home every night, can also be made to fit your traveling needs

So don't compromise just because you left home! Just call us and give us the dimensions you are looking for and we can give you options on mattresses that could give you amazing sleep!

And just like with our every-night mattresses, we will teach you what to feel for to be sure that the mattress you select gives you the proper spinal support and pressure relief so you wake up feeling refreshed. Don't let your hate for your mattress keep you from your travels, let one of our sleep experts help you navigate this whole mattress shopping headache!

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