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    Smart Beds
    6 products
     Front view of the Personal Comfort R15.
    Personal Comfort R15
    from $5,099.00 Regular price $5,999.00 Save $900
    Side view of the Personal Comfort R13.
    Personal Comfort R13
    from $3,699.00 Regular price $4,699.00 Save $1,000
    Front view of the Personal Comfort R11 mattress with one side slightly raised.
    Personal Comfort R11
    from $2,749.00 Regular price $3,149.00 Save $400
    Front view of the Personal Comfort R11 mattress with one side slightly raised.
    Personal Comfort R11 - Floor Model Clearance
    Sale price $1,499.00 Regular price $3,699.00 Save $2,200
    Instant Comfort - Q8 - Better Smart Bed
    from $2,899.00

    Transform Your Sleep with Smart Beds From Mattress Lux!

    Discover the ultimate sleep experience with personalized comfort and adjustable solutions from Mattress Lux Smart beds. Say goodbye to restless nights! Shop Smart beds now!

    What are Smart Beds?

    Smart Beds are cutting-edge adjustable beds crafted to provide the utmost comfort and support for a great night's sleep. Unlike traditional mattresses, which offer a fixed firmness, Smart Beds feature dual air chambers that allow you to control the firmness on each side of the bed individually. This means you and your partner can enjoy your preferred level of firmness, regardless of your differences in sleep preferences.

    How do Smart Beds work?

    The secret behind Smart Beds lies in their innovative air chamber technology. The beds feature adjustable air chambers that allow users to deflate or inflate them to achieve the desired level of firmness. The firmness is measured on a scale from 1 to 100, making it incredibly easy to find your ideal sleep settings. Whether you prefer a plush, cloud-like feel or a firmer, more supportive surface, Smart Beds has covered you.

    What sets Smart Beds apart?

    Smart Beds stand out from traditional mattresses in several ways. First and foremost, they offer unparalleled personalization. You can adjust the level of firmness for your changing sleep needs, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Plus, if you're sharing the bed with a partner, the split mattress design ensures that you can find your perfect comfort settings without disturbing each other.

    Benefits of Smart Beds

    The benefits of Smart Beds go beyond just personalized comfort. Their adjustable nature allows for proper spinal alignment and targeted support, making them an excellent choice for individuals dealing with back pain or other sleep-related issues. The versatility of Smart Beds makes them ideal for various activities, from reading or watching movies to cuddling with your loved ones. Additionally, the modular design ensures that the beds last longer, and users can replace components if needed, making them a sustainable and long-lasting investment.

    Invest in Smart Beds Today!

    Say hello to a world of customized sleep that perfectly caters to your unique needs. Browse the Mattress Lux website today and let our knowledgeable salespeople guide you in finding the Smart Bed that will change the way you sleep forever.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Beds

    Finding your ideal settings is simple. Lie down on the bed and adjust the firmness using the remote control until you find the most comfortable and supportive level for your body.

    Absolutely! The adjustable firmness of Smart Beds allows you to find the perfect level of support for your back, promoting proper spinal alignment and potentially alleviating back pain.

    Smart Beds can last for many years with proper care. Users can extend the mattress's durability by replacing individual components, thanks to their modular construction.

    Yes, Smart Beds come with a warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of their quality.

    Yes, Smart Beds can easily fit into most standard bed frames, making them compatible with your existing bedroom setup.

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