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    Natural & Organic Mattresses.
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    Posh + Lavish Refine All Latex Mattress
    from $4,589.00
    Posh + Lavish Restore All Latex Mattress
    from $3,469.00
    Front view of the  Naturepedic Organic Mattress - EOS Classic.
    Naturepedic Organic Mattress - EOS Pillowtop
    from $3,099.00 Regular price $3,899.00 Save $800
    AVANI Natural Latex Mattress
    from $3,000.00
    Posh + Lavish Relax All Latex Mattress
    from $2,989.00
     Naturepedic Organic Mattress - EOS Trilux.
     Naturepedic Organic Mattress - EOS Trilux with a bed frame.
    Naturepedic Organic Mattress - EOS Trilux
    from $2,599.00 Regular price $3,199.00 Save $600
     Front view of the  Naturepedic Organic Mattress - EOS Classic.
    Naturepedic Organic Mattress - EOS Classic
    from $2,199.00 Regular price $2,699.00 Save $500
    Heritage Sleep UPLAND Natural Hybrid.
    Heritage Sleep UPLAND Natural Hybrid
    from $1,899.99 Regular price $2,199.00 Save $299.01
    CARILOHA - Resort Bamboo Mattress
    from $1,499.99
    Heritage Sleep PIMA Natural Hybrid.
    Heritage Sleep PIMA Natural Hybrid
    from $1,449.99 Regular price $1,999.00 Save $549.01
    Posh and Lavish Natural Talalay Latex Topper
    from $759.00
    Awara - Organic Luxury Hybrid | Ga Mattress Brokers | Kennesaw, GA.
    Awara - Natural Hybrid Mattress
    from $649.00 Regular price $1,299.00 Save $650
    Williams Co. St. James Natural Hybrid
    from $0.00 Regular price $3,599.00 Save $3,599

    Natural Latex vs. Traditional Mattresses?

    Natural bedding will use some of the best materials in the world.  Latex foam is the most durable, pressure relieving, breathable, and supportive foam in the world.  Nothing has been able to match latex in regards to longevity and support.  While latex is more expensive than traditional polyurethane foams, the benefits far outweigh the price and for anyone who wants a chemical free foam, latex checks that box as well. Natural bedding will also give natural solutions to temperature management, giving you cooler summers and warmer winters by naturally wicking moisture away from the body and allowing for better airflow.  Also, because natural fibers like cotton and wool are naturally curly, they will maintain their loft and comfort life much longer than synthetic fibers will. 

    So with natural bedding, you will get more support, more comfort, more durability, and fewer to no chemicals in your mattress.

    What is in Natural Or Organic Mattresses?

    Natural bedding will be any mattress that uses natural materials for most or all of the layers of the mattress.  At Mattress Lux, we aim to bring the best in materials and as much of a variety as we can. 


    Organic Mattress Kennesaw Ga Mattress Brokers

    Our natural mattresses will use varying amounts of latex rubber rather than polyurethane foam like most luxury mattresses do. Rubber is much more expensive than foam but is more elastic, resilient, pressure relieving, breathable, and longer lasting.

    Organic Cotton

    Organic Mattress Kennesaw, GA Mattress Brokers

    Many of our natural mattresses use cotton in the cover as natural solution to temperature management.  One of the best parts about natural bedding is that they are temperature neutral.  Meaning, they won't sleep hot or cold but manage temperature naturally through proper airflow.  

    Some of our mattresses will have a combination of natural and polyurethane materials with the natural materials being close to the surface while others, such as Naturepedic and Post and Lavish, will be FULLY natural from top to bottom.  

    Why Buy Natural Mattresses Near You At Mattress Lux?

    Purchasing a natural or organic mattress is just half of the equation.  The other half is knowing WHICH one is right for you.  Knowing which one will give your unique shape the right support and spinal alignment can be a challenge and knowing which one will reduce tossing and turning and provide deeper more restorative sleep for your unique sleep needs can be difficult.  At Mattress Lux, we take our time to make sure we educate you on how to shop for a mattress and how to know which mattress will feel good at home for the next 10-20 years and not just feel good in the store.  You will get the chance to work with a 20 year industry veteran who will make sure you are self confident in your buying decision, getting the best night's sleep you can, and saving money in the process.  All of our mattresses will be exponentially less than the boutique mattress stores that sell these or similar mattresses for $9,000-$15,000 dollars! We look forward to helping sleep healthier and deeper all while saving you some serious money!
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