Puffy Mattress Deep Dive

A good night’s sleep is not only critical for feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, but it can also have a direct impact on your physical and mental well-being. If you are more than tired of relying on your morning caffeine to kick-start your day, it may be time to consider a new mattress. Our award-winning, Puffy Mattress collection, is the solution you have been looking for! No more counting sheep — and say goodbye to back and neck pain from your worn-out, old mattress. 

At GA Mattress Brokers, we are your favorite Georgia mattress store dedicated to providing you with the best, innovative mattresses to get you the quality of sleep you deserve, including this sleep-changing mattress. Rest assured when you choose a mattress from our Puffy collection, you will reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep for the first time in way too long! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and feel the difference for yourself when you take advantage of our 101-night sleep trial.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep 

Innovative Five-Layered Sleep System

The original Puffy Mattress has five different layers of cloud-like comfort to give you the best sleep of your life! The first layer provides a hypoallergenic top cover to help keep your mattress’s inner layers protected from stains and odors. The middle layers are composed of contouring foam: 

  • Cooling Cloud™ Foam: Two inches of gel-infused breathable foam that keeps your sleep easy, breezy, and comfortable.
  • Climate Comfort™ Foam: Two inches of pressure-relieving cooling foam to cradle your body and support every position you sleep in.
  • Firm Core Support Foam: Six inches of high-density foam base to help stabilize and support your mattress.

Lastly, our fifth layer is a grip base cover that keeps your mattress exactly where it should be. No need to worry about your mattress sliding around during the night. You can toss and turn to your heart’s content (but with our Puffy Mattress collection every position is comfy)! 

The Perfect Firmness

A mattress that is too firm can cause neck and back pain because it doesn’t allow your spine to rest in its natural alignment, but on the other hand, a mattress that is too-soft doesn't provide enough support for your spine. The Puffy Mattress collection provides the optimal balance of firm support and soft, supple comfort for any sleeping position. Our high-density foam layers adjust and adapt, contouring your body and providing you with the best support for a good night’s sleep. 

Made By an Experienced Company

At  GA Mattress Brokers, we are committed to providing you with the best mattresses on the market. Every Puffy Mattress is designed and manufactured directly in the U.S.A. with premium quality materials you can count on! Back by four years of research and sleep trials, we are happy to say that the Puffy Mattress collection is the best sleep system. Try it for yourself! 

Wide Variety of Designs

The Puffy Mattress collection offers three variety of models to provide support for every individual:

  • The Original Puffy Mattress: Offers a cooling, five-layer support system with a medium-firm feel.
  • Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress (most popular): Our most breathable Puffy Mattress, offering a six-layer sleep system, with a medium-plush feel.
  • Puffy Royal Mattress Hybrid: Infused with a cooling gel to fully adapt to reduce heat retention and offer full body supper with a seven-layer sleep system, with an ultra-plush feel.

Experience each model for yourself by stopping by one of our Georgia mattress store locations! With an industry-leading lifetime warranty and our 101-night sleep trial, the only thing you have to lose is sleepless nights. Rest easy. Schedule a consultation with one of GA Mattress Brokers' mattress experts today to find the bed you need to get the rest you deserve!

Try the Puffy Mattress for Yourself