Can I trust mattress review sites?

Can I trust mattress review sites?

The simple answer is no. No, you cannot trust mattress review sites. 

I reality most mattress review sites are actually retailers in disguise. They shroud themselves in secrecy. Even tricking Google and other search engine results just to make a hefty commission. 

Often they are owned by equity funds or funded by mattress sellers. Most all that we have found simply exist to recommend mattresses and generate a commission. Unbiased they are not. 

In fact, many mattress review sites create their sites with trusted .org /.edu / .gov type domains. They do this to trick search engines into reducing their advertising cost by as much as 50%.

This presents their mattress review site as unbiased, when in fact most all exist in a pay-for-play environment. Hoodwinking you into thinking they are your trusted advisor when really they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

For these main reasons, you cannot trust mattress review sites. Read on for a deeper dive and expert insight on why the battle for your mattress dollar rages on.

Understand my job would be 1000% easier if you could actually trust mattress review sites. Because their simple premise is from across your screen they can recommend the perfect mattress. And while they may very well recommend reputable companies making quality mattresses, the simple fact is they cannot be trusted. 

Mattresses are very subjective and not objective at all - and almost every recommendation they make has a hidden secret - a commission attached to your purchase.

Unlike appliances, vehicles, tools - all things which are purchased for a very defined purpose and have objective decision points - mattresses are highly subjective. If you have a large family with car seats a 4 door sedan simply won’t work. Objectively a minivan or large SUV is the best fit. Without visiting a car lot or test-driving anything, a large family knows they need a minivan or larger SUV.

If you are a hobby chef who enjoys cooking at home often, objectively you would decide to purchase convection ovens, with taller and deeper shelves. A cooktop for easy clean-up. In other words, you would purchase a stove, fridge, and other appliances which best fit your cooking desires . Again mostly all objective decision points. And most any other chef friend you have would likely enjoy cooking your kitchen and you in theirs.

As a tradesperson no matter which trade you are in - objectively all can agree core tools are needed in the toolbox to complete the job. There is no subjectivity. A carpenter needs a tool belt, hammer, tape measure, square, saws, and a pencil. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians all have core tools they need which are required.

Each has an objective bare minimum for any and all jobs they perform. Naturally, there is a spectrum of quality but the fact remains that each needs to have the core list in their toolbox, 100% objective, 0% subjective. 

But when it comes to mattresses they live in the world of subjectivity, at a rate of nearly 100%.

If 10 people were to try a DreamCloud mattress, which we have on display in our showroom and you can see here (this is a safe click within our website), we would very likely get 10 differing opinions, subjectivity. Yet the same 10 people would all agree that a family of 6 or 7 could certainly not get into a 4 door sedan comfortably.

And yet, most all mattress review sites attempt this ruse of making the subjective, objective. All of this is done in order to make a sale from you and earn their commission at any cost. 


We chose to make happy customers, always.

I’ll present you with one last reality. If you’re shopping for a mattress in Kennesaw, Marietta, Acworth, Woodstock or surrounding areas, and you are willing to visit our store (we deliver outside of the county often, even across state lines) who will you trust more? A store with a stellar 5-star reputation as found  (this is a safe click to google) who has a choice - make their customers extremely happy or upset? Or online sellers working with their spammy mattress site partners who simply look to sell just another mattress?

Do you want to be a happy customer waking up well rested and refreshed? Or just another faceless, nameless number?

Remember - you can look us in the eye. Our word is our bond, we say what we will do and then do what we say. It’s a simple business model that works. Or you can risk your purchase with a large Wall Street-owned mattress review site. 

And while you might say, come on it’s 2021, things have changed! They certainly have and we are constantly evolving our business to ensure customer happiness. But the fact remains you sleep 8 hours a day, does it not make sense to know who you are sleeping with?

As always if we can help you to wake up happy please connect with us using the consultation button on the right of your screen. Thanks for reading!

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