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Blu Sleep is the newest technology in sleep, and it's designed specifically to help you get a better night's sleep. It also happens to be one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market, so not only are you getting a more restful night of sleep but your spouse will love it too! The Blu Sleep mattress is designed with plush top layers that contour and conform to your body for ultimate comfort, with a unique support system that will change the way foam feels forever.

Let's talk about the Mattress!

1. What are the best features of Blu Sleep mattress?

Blu Sleep's patented water expanded foam design provides superior breathability, pressure relief, and excellent support for all shapes and sizes.

Blu Sleep's patented Air-pod support system is a revolutionary foam core that operates like an independent coil suspension system. This allows the mattress to be as pressure relieving as other foam mattresses and have the support of the hybrid mattress.

Blu Sleeps cooling cover and breathable foam will reduce surface heat that keeps us away or wakes us up throughout the night. This means cooler sleep and deeper sleep.

2. How does Blu sleep help you get a better night's sleep?

Blue Sleep will cover 5 of the most important aspects of what a mattress should provide

  1. Unique and personalized support - The Air-Pod Core combined with the memory foam will provide a personalized support for each and every height, weight, and shape.

  2. Pressure relief off of major pressure points - Pressure points cause numbness in hands and feet as well as constant tossing and turning. Blu Sleep's patented water expanded memory foam is designed to conform around the shoulders and hip and relive the pressure, giving better circulation, and less sleep disturbance.
  3. Motion Separation - The patented Air-Pod support combined with the shop absorbing memory foam will eliminate motion in the mattress, so there is no longer and "partner disturbance".
  4. Hypoallergenic - Given the nature of memory foam, the common allergens, such as dust-mites, can not live in or survive.
  5. Temperature Management - The patented Water Expanded Memory Foam combined with the cooling cover will reduce the surface heat and allow the body to remain in a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  6. Durability - The memory foam and core support uses an amazing 4.5LB Density in the comfort layers as well as 2.5LB High Resiliency support system. With these foam topping out the charts on density, life expectancy is about 15-20 years.

3. Who should buy a blu sleep mattress?

If you are looking for a solution to reduce tossing and turning, sleeping hot, and lower back pain, then Blu sleep may be perfect for you! Thousands of dollars less than Tempurpedic, Blu Sleep is a great memory foam option for anyone who wants luxury bedding at a more affordable price.

One thing I love about this mattress is how it can provide all the benefits it offers as well as a memory foam option WITHOUT the "stuck in the mud" feeling that most traditional memory foam options offer.

The Water Expanded Memory Foam, provides a quicker responding memory foam that still conforms and hugs the body, but without the "stuck" feeling of the more traditional memory foam mattresses. This means it EASIER to move in!   

In conclusion, bad support, too much pressure, and sleeping hot can kill your sleep. The Blu Sleep mattress is designed accommodate all these issues, while eliminating the "stuck in the mud" feeling that most traditional memory foam mattresses offer. If you suffer from lower back pain or want a cooler night's sleep without having to flip over all night, then try out Blu Sleep today!

Where can I purchase my own Blu Sleep Mattress Pad and how many feels are available?

You can try and buy your Blu Sleep Mattress here at Ga Mattress Brokers, in Kennesaw, Ga. Where we have the Conforma Adapt and the Conforma Prime, two Feels of plush and ultra plush and 2 firmer options are available for purchase as well.

Contact information for any additional questions or concerns about purchasing one today!

Call 770-410-8943 or stop by at 3655 Cherokee St. NW Kennesaw, GA. 30144. You can also purchase online at:



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