Questions to ask when shopping for a Mattress

Need a new mattress?
Looking for a mattress in Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta,  Woodstock, or Atlanta?  What questions should you be asking when you are about to embark on this fun journey of mattress shopping? 
  1. Do you need a new mattress? – If your current bed is over eight years old, I’d consider replacing it no matter what. If you are having trouble sleeping or experiencing back or neck pain I would start searching.
  2. Who can help me figure this out? - When it comes to your sleep, your neck, your back, and your health you want to make sure that you are speaking with an expert.  Most retailers don't spend the time educating their associates on sleep, support, and finding the right mattress for their guest.  So, make sure that whoever helps you can speak to the make up and build of a mattress, which one is right for your specific sleep needs, and which one will give you the best shot and deeper more restorative sleep.
  3. What is your current budget? – Mattresses in a Queen Size can range from $399 up to $2499. The thing to consider in your budget is whether you are looking for a 5, 10, or 20 year mattress.  The higher quality the foam, the more it will cost and the longer it will last and the better sleep it will provide.  $399-$599 is a good 5 year mattress - $699-$1,199 should get you a good 10 year mattress - $1,299 and up should get you 15-20 years.
  4. What are your ideal type and material? – This may be more of a personal preference.  Memory foam offers good contour and hug but will be harder to move in and may sleep a little warmer for some. Traditional mattresses provide easier movement but not as much pressure relief. I recommend foam or hybrid to most people to get the most pressure relief and durability. 
  5. What’s your preferred sleeping position? – This determines your ideal firmness level. On a scale of 1-10 (one being VERY firm and ten being very Soft), back sleepers will want to opt for a medium to luxury firm, side sleepers med to soft options  and stomach sleepers will need more support to avoid sinking and lean towards the firmer mattresses.
  6. What’s your body type and weight? – Lighter sleepers (150lbs or less) will want a 1-2 points softer mattress to get the same feel like an average (180lbs) person. On the other hand, if you are a heavier person you will need more support and thicker mattress to support the weight.  Mattresses with additional lumbar support would be ideal for these customers. 

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