Why is Mattress Shopping so Difficult?

Why is Mattress Shopping so Difficult? In this blog post, we cover the reasons why and what you can do to overcome the difficulty so you can wake up happy!

The subjectivity of mattresses doesn’t help, but we offer tips to overcome this.

  • The best mattress in the world may not be the best mattress for you, so trusting someone else's subjecting opinion may be the worst thing you can do for your specific support and sleep needs. 
  • The best mattress for you is the one that give your specific body a natural posture and that is what you are looking for when you are laying on your back or your side.
  • The best mattress for you will relieve pressure off of YOUR shoulders and hips.  

Buying on specifications alone may not be the only way to go.

  • Coil count can be deceiving, some of the most supportive mattresses have only 350 coils in a queen because of the strength of the coil itself. 
  • What's more important is what mattress offers your unique shape the right weight distribution and pressure relief combination.  This will be different for everyone.  

Watch out for Pay to Play review sites.

  • Most mattress review sites are paid to give 5 star reviews for these online mattresses.  Have you ever noticed how ALL the top review sites have only online mattress as their number 1 bed and many are different.  This can only add to your confusion.  Also, remember, their opinion on comfort and support may have nothing to do with how your body will feel on the same mattress.  

Do brand names matter, how important are they?

  • Brand is what you get when you watch commercials.  If there were no commercials, then ever mattress shopping experience would be based only on the facts and the comfort and the support.  Brands offers a false sense of security and they capitalize on that with lower quality foams in many of their beds, particularly their entry to mid level beds. 

Why are there so many mattress stores?

  • There are really two types of mattress stores - One where you can get a good education on mattresses, but their opinion is heavily skewed by commission and profitability.  The other are the more reputable, local, mattress shops, but many of these people are un-trained in regards to sleep and mattress knowledge.  They do their best to bring in a quality product and save you money, but helping you find the RIGHT one for you can be very difficult for them.  
  • This is what Ga Mattress Brokers exist - to be your local, unbiased mattress store, that offers a real education on sleep and mattresses.

Sale prices vs. everyday low prices.

  • One thing you will find in the mattress industry is an "everyday low price" and then a sale price - and if you were to shop these stores every day, you'd notice that they NEVER have it at the everyday low price, but it is always on sale.  The "every day" price is a way to drive a perception of value that isn't there.  I say that if a mattress is always on sale than it is NEVER on sale.  
  • You will not find any sales gimmicks like this at Ga Mattress Brokers.  Our prices are ALWAYS low and every once in a while they go lower...like with an actual sale! 

What do mattresses cost?

  • There is a wide range of mattresses and features and quality that will dictate what a mattress cost. You can divide these mattresses really into good, better, best, and luxury.  
    • Good Queen - $299-$699
      • This mattress is best for guest room bed and/or small children
      • For everyday use these beds will generally get 3-5 years of life.
      • They use standard foam with no specialty foam, like memory foam or latex.
      • At Ga Mattress Brokers we have foams that are 20% more dense than the "S" brands at this price point and some have specialty foam in them as well.
    • Better Queen - $799-$1099
      • This is the most popular range of master bedroom beds. 
      • Here you will start to see 7-10 years of support life (how long it supports the body) with about 5-7 years of comfort life (How long if feels new for).
      • Here you will start to see higher density foams and specialty foams and increased support as well as temperature managing covers.
      • At Ga Mattress Brokers, we have foams in these categories that are 50% more dense than the industry standard, with more specialty foam and increased support.
    • Best Queen - $1,199 - $1,999
      • This is where you will begin to see the most durable and pressure relieving foams with the greatest amount of support and temperature regulation.  
      • Here you will see about 8-15 years of support life and 7-12 years of comfort life.
      • At Ga Mattress Brokers we have mattresses that should retail for over $3,000 in these price points with memory foam, latex, micro coils, modular sleep systems, lumbar support systems, and more!
    • Luxury Queen -$2099 - $4500 and up
      • This is where you will see added features to the best beds like 5-7lb memory foam, increased amount of latex, hand tufting for increased durability, increased temperature management, personalization or customized feels, and more. 
      • These mattresses typically offer a support life of 15-20 years or more and comfort life of 15-20 years. 
      • At Ga Mattress Brokers we are adding to our line up all the time and are bringing in beds of this quality and higher for under $4,000.  

What am I really deciding on?

  • You are deciding on the one piece of furniture in your home that will have a strong impact on your energy, mood, immune system, hormone regulation, metabolism, blood sugar, muscle rejuvenation, memory, brain health, heart health, vascular health, and so much more!  There are few things more important for your over all health then the quality of your sleep.
  • You are deciding on what level of support and comfort it will take to help you fall asleep and STAY asleep so that you can complete sleep cycles and get all the health benefits listed above.
  • You may be deciding which mattress will help your child's immune system and growth hormone production as well as his or her ability to remember something learned that day...like a new development in coordination...or their recent violin lesson or math lesson they learned that day, get's solidified while they sleep! 


If you need help with your next mattress purchase we can help both near (in Kennesaw, Ga.) and far start here...

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 In This video you will see 5 tips for mattress shopping! Enjoy!

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