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    X77 Massage Chair | Ga Mattress Brokers | Kennesaw, GA.
    X77 Massage Chair
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    The X-2 By X-Chair.
    The X-2 By X-Chair.
    The X-2 By X-Chair
    At Mattress Lux, we believe that a good night's rest can be hindered by poor back support during the day! There are a ton of things that happen while the sun is still out that can keep us from sleeping at night.  Like sitting in an office chair all day, or driving 100's of miles a day, or standing on your feet all day, and so many other things that can contribute to back pain and sleepless nights. 
    We are excited to be one of the few sleep stores offering the, "AS SEEN ON TV" X-Chair! This ergonomically designed chair will allow you to sit, work, and be supported for hours!
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