The Southerland belief in quality, value and service provides the foundation for our “We Make it Right” guarantee. We work hard to build the best mattress in America with the highest quality materials and fabrics along with the newest technology to produce the best sleep you’ve ever had.

How Southerland Brings Quality

The foam density of Southerland mattress comfort layers is consistently higher th

an industry standards. Additionally, all foams used in Southerland products are cut in-house and are 100% pre-stressed, meaning that the foam has undergone a finishing process to increase its durability and softness while inhibiting foam breakdown. This ensures a “like-new” bed feeling over a longer period of time. All foams used by Southerland are rigorously tested and certified by CertiPUR-US® to be free from harsh chemicals and heavy metals.

Our stringent Quality Assurance Program includes two 75-point tear-down inspections per shift. Integrated component scans ensure proper builds, and each product is completely inspected prior to shipping. Despite offering some of the best non-prorated warranties in the industry, Southerland boasts fewer than 1% product warranty returns.

Through our use of innovative manufacturing methods, Southerland is able to lower operating costs while building better products at a greater value to our customers. Our highly efficient, process-controlled manufacturing system includes state-of-the-art equipment operated by our highly trained and skilled production team.

Southerland, Has been perfecting the art of sleep since 1893.

For more than 120 years, we have been manufacturing some of the finest quality bedding available anywhere in the United States. Millions of Americans are sleeping on a Southerland bed tonight and we’re proud that each of our mattresses are made in the USA.

Our story begins in 1893, when Swann Bedding Company began operating in Evansville, Indiana. Fast forward to 1924 and founder J.D. Southerland joins Nashville Spring and Mattress Company in Nashville, TN. A few years later, J.D. Southerland & E.B. Jones form Capitol City Mattress Company through the acquisition of Upchurch Mattress Company and in 1940, they purchase Swan Bedding. Over the next thirty years, and multiple acquisitions later, Southerland Inc. is officially formed and in 1973, moves into a new plant on Southerland Drive in Nashville, TN. Ownership exchanges hands from J.D. Southerland to his daughter Frances upon his death in 1975. She assumes the role of President in 1983 and is named CEO in 1990. Herman Southerland, Jr. acquires majority ownership of Southerland’s, Inc. two years later and in 1993 Southerland completes 25,000 square foot expansion of Nashville plant. Bryan Smith joins Southerland as Vice President of Finance & CFO in 1996 and three years later, Herman Southerland, Jr. is named CEO, and Bryan Smith is named President & CFO of Southerland, Inc. In 2003, Southerland opens a 45,000 square foot factory in Phoenix, AZ and a new warehouse facility in Birmingham, AL and Southerland organizes sister company, Southerland Transport, LLC., to operate as a dedicated carrier for Southerland, Inc. Four years later, Southerland acquires American Sleep Products, Inc. in Nashville, TN and manufacturing is consolidated into its Nashville manufacturing facility at 1973 Southerland Drive. In 2012, Southerland, Inc. opens its fourth U.S. plant occupying 42,000 square feet in TN to manufacture adjustable bed bases and corporate headquarters open in Nashville, where they still remain today.